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Massage licensing course

Our massage program offers a comprehensive curriculum that integrates the art and science of massage therapy and bodywork, with a well-rounded holistic approach to client care. Our students study a variety of manual therapy techniques, as well as client communication skills and professional ethics. 

Upon completion of this 625-hour program students will receive a diploma in massage therapy and bodywork, qualifying them to sit for their national board examinations.

*   AIM is not federally accredited. 
Maximum Class Size: 12 students

course objectives

The objectives of our massage therapy course are:

1. To prepare our students to pass the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLx). Upon successful completion of this exam graduates are then qualified to receive a Michigan State massage license.

2. Developing professionals who are prepared to implement advanced therapeutic techniques and positively impact the quality of care delivered by massage therapists.

course description

The Alpena Institute of Massage 625-hour Massage Therapy Program is an extensive program for students wishing to gain licensure in the massage therapy field. The program includes training in five major areas; anatomy and physiology of the human body, massage theory and practice, pathology and treatment, kinesiology, and clinical business practices.

625 Hour Massage Therapy Training Program

Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology - 84 (hrs)

Understand structure and function of the human body. This course will discuss the eleven body systems in detail giving students a basic understanding of human anatomy and physiology. Students will learn to identify anatomical structures, apply concepts of physiological processes, as well as recognize and utilize anatomical terminology.


Kinesiology - 108 (hrs)

The study of human movement. In this course students will examine the concepts and theories of human movement. Students will also gain a detailed understanding behind the mechanics of motion, joint anatomy, as well as, origin, insertion, actions, and palpation of major muscle groups.

Massage Theory and Practice - 200 (hrs)

Provides students with a strong theoretical and practical background in the art and science of massage and bodywork. Students will study the history of massage and the industry today, the psychological impact of massage, and develop skills such as, SOAP charting, client draping, client positioning, effective communication, palpation, and body mechanics.

Pathology and Treatment - 92 (hrs)

Students will gain a basic understanding of symptoms, etiology and treatment for specific conditions relating to the eleven body systems.

Clinical Business Practices - 72 (hrs)

Students will develop skills such as, marketing, business planning, business management, state laws and regulations, as well as, massage ethics.

Student Clinic - 65 (hrs)

Student clinic is an opportunity for students to experience firsthand the complexities of maintaining an alternative healthcare practice. Students will gain skills such as, file and account management, time management, and problem solving under the supervision and support of experienced instructors.

First Aid and CPR - 4 (hrs)

Students will learn basic life saving techniques such as, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, use of an Automated External Defibrillator, and basic bandaging and splinting techniques.


625 Total Academic Hours

Tutoring services are available, at an additional fee, subject to the availability of instructors.

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